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Raison d'art
Reason of art

At Professional Pixel our goal is to provide unique, creative, and elegant solutions to your photographic needs. Based in the Central and Northern Virginia areas, we cover a wide range of photographic needs including, but not limited to, Professional Portrait, Culinary , Wedding, Event ,and Fine art photography.

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Our Galleries

Professional Pixel has experience with a variety of different flavors of photography. We hope you enjoy our diverse portfolio.

Wildlife and Conservation

At professional pixel we are amazed by all that the natural world has to offer. Our photographers travel the world capturing the beauty of the Wild.


Our photographers are well travel and love to commemorate all of the amazing people and cultures that they encounter in their art.

Farm and Pets

Our photographers are well acquianted with the farmlands of America and the animals that make those farms their home. From barnyard cats to thoroughbred horses, we've photographed them all.


The art of any portrait is caputring the essence of the subject. Our photographers take the time to understand their subjects and convey them in the light in which they see themselves.


One of the most interesting tours that Professional Pixel has completed was our tour of central Japan. Come share the amazing sights of this wonderous journey.

Family Portraits

Every family has those magical moments that seem to quickly slip by. Capturing those moments in a professional photo helps keep those memories fresh and alive.


The care and attention that goes into studio work can be taxing. Our photographers take the care to perfectly execute in studio art to technical perfection.

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